About Us




Promoting Entrepreneurial Environment

Promote a vibrant, innovative, and entrepreneurial environment for conducting quality research with an aim to grow knowledge economy.


Industrial Collaboration

Strengthen university-industry linkages to formulate collaborative ventures with the corporate community and continuously improve Isra curricula for meeting corporate needs.


Policy and Fund Utilization Allignment

Develop strong and long-term bonds with policy making and research funding agencies to support research, development, innovation and commercialization incentives.


Business Incubation

Through business incubation and research/innovation Park, promote entrepreneurship amongst Isra faculty, staff and students.


Facilitating Creativity

To support and facilitate faculty and students efforts to expand the area of human knowledge, creativity and forms of expression.


Contribution in Improvements

To contribute to improvements in professional practice through dissemination of research knowledge.


Serving as Resource

To serve as a resource and depository for information and knowledge-base.

To develop, expand, enhance and manage the university’s programs regarding research, innovation and commercialization and to link research activities directly to the educational, social and economic priorities of the university and its broader stakeholders. In short, the ORIC seeks to enhance the environment for all research as following:
  • Supporting the university’s strategic research directions and policies
  • Improving recruitment and retention of top faculty
  • Improving integration of research and education at all levels of the university
  • Strengthening university-industry relationships on all levels
  • Promoting entrepreneurship, technology-transfer and commercialization activities that energize and support the local and national economy
  • Effective use of infrastructure, equipment and human resources
Innovation is the specific instrument of entrepreneurship; the act that endows resources with a new capacity to create wealth, and to generate new ideas into futuristic solutions for the betterment of individual, institute and the humanity. Innovation = Invention + Value Addition + Commercialization
We are committed to extend all possible facilitation and assistance to solicit your research plan and to encourage each and every single innovation which stimulates the country’s economy.
Understanding the operations of academic research --how to preserve them, how to solve the problems that arise in them, and how to capitalize on their strengths--is one of ORIC's primary goals. This segment of a base to ORIC research, focused on the basic research learning and underlying trends that define the outlook for the economics and finance research studies. 1. Economics 2. Finance 3. Marketing 4. International Business 5. Supply Chain Management 6. Human Resource Management 7. Medical 8. Many More