Workshop on Stock Market Investing and Trading


Isra University Economics and Finance Society (IEFS) organized a one-day workshop on ‘Stock Market Investing and Trading in collaboration with JS Global’ on 4th September 2015 at Asadullah Kazi Auditorium, Isra University, Hyderabad. The guest speaker at the occasion was Mr. Abdul Latif Memon, Branch Manager at JS Global Capital Limited.

This unique initiative by IEFS was undertaken with the intention to train students by indulging them in real life stock trading and investing. The existing era demands trained and experienced investors to deal with the present dynamic market, hence the workshop aimed to generate young investors by inculcating a sense of investment in stock markets and enhancing their analytical and decision making skills, which are essential for trading in stock markets.

Using his online terminal, Mr. Memon provided a thorough overview of real time trading in stock market and demonstrated how the environmental scenarios and situations create sentimental risk. According to him, “Trading involves considerable risk and to be profitable you must be highly tolerant of ambiguity.”

“Investing is not only for individual profit, rather it is an important determinant of stable and progressive economy of a country,” he added as he shed light on the important considerations for new investors and apprised of the analytical tools used by professional brokers.

Appreciating the efforts of Team IEFS, Pro-Vice Chancellor Dr.Hameedullah Kazi said, “Such real-time events are a rare opportunity to learn providing hands-on experience to amateur investors. I am highly impressed and recommend you all to participate in the upcoming Trading Challenge.” With more than 150 students from Isra University and other universities of Hyderabad the event was a huge success.

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